The LifeLab technology platform

A Complete platform for remote trials

All web/mobile application software components to manage a remote research or clinical trial. Integrated wearable and dried blood spot logistics.  Fully HIPAA complaint. 

Software Platform

A complete software stack

The LifeLab software components are built as a fully scalable and secure cloud service.

We make it easy to manage multiple trials in parallel. The organization is given a super admin account to manage all Trials. Each of the Research/Clinical Trial owners get access to their own admin portal to manage their own Trial(s). Multiple consumer Trials can be created within the same mobile app to simplify the usage for users partaking in multiple trials.

  • A super Admin web interface where a organization can manage multiple trials in parallel.

  • A Trial admin web interface where a specific group or person within an organization can manage a specific trial.

  • A Trial admin mobile application to manage specific tasks that are optimized for mobile (such as barcode reading).

  • A consumer mobile app Hub where the consumer have the option to partake in multiple trials.

  • Specific consumer mobile apps for each Trial conducted.

Cloud Platform

Architected for HIPAA security and compliance

Our healthcare managed cloud platform provide modern secure cloud services. These services enable new capabilities, insights and scale that will help improve healthcare trial outcomes by supporting big data analytics, population health, coordinated care, and collaborative research.

Information is at the heart of the healthcare revolution. As a premier healthcare managed cloud company, LifeLab is powering the modern information engine that will allow providers, payers, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies to lead that revolution.

  • Advanced PHI security, protecting your patient’s privacy and your reputation.

  • Industry leading SLAs, 100% network uptime and 99.999% infrastructure uptime guaranteed.

  • HIPAA compliant, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive BAA.

  • HiTrust Certified, the healthcare industry’s gold standard for measuring compliance and security.

  • Auditing, Back-Ups, and Disaster Recovery built in

Software Components

Software to provide administration, logistic and client services are available

Machine Learning Components

Software to provide administration, logistic and client services are available

Wearable Components

Using wearable devices can provide a research or clinical trial with a much richer data set

Current wearable support

The Withings GO is a low cost device that provide 8 months of battery operation with no charging needed. It is also water proof to 100 feet. Its also very lightweight. These features makes it very easy for the client to wear the device for the duration of a trial without taking it off, making it possible to collect not just a rich data set but also collected 24/7.

Wearable data collected

The duration and intensity (deep/light) of sleep is collected. In addition the activity intensity and duration during the day is measured. The type of activity is also available such as running, swimming, walking.

Dried Blood Spot Components

Software to provide administration, logistic and client services are available

Admin of Dried Blood Spots (DBS)

LifeLab provide two components to manage the DBS. A super admin web interface (organization level) that track credits given and used for DBS. This ensure that a Trial don’t collect and process more DBS’s then what’s budgeted for.

A admin mobile app make it possible to track a DBS from the client, via shipping to when its received by the organization.


A client can be asked at specific times or based on that persons individual data model to collect a DBS. This request can come via email , text or push notification to the app. After the DBS task is done it’s barcode can be scanned by the client using the mobile app.

Our Proven Process Produces Results


The purpose is to discuss how the LifeLab Trial platform can add value to your research and clinical trials.

High level time line and functionality will be discussed as well.


A detailed program plan is created to ensure all parties are in agreement on scope, functionality and time line for the pilot and the Trial(s)


The team meet for a kick of meeting and all key people are identified. Communication and escalation policies are put in place. Mobile app, logistic and web admin development work is starting.


Testing of the completed functionality is done with a core team of internal people during a pilot study.


Delivery of the solution for a live research or clinical trial is made. Training classes are conducted as needed on the platform and solution.