LifeLab is reimagining clinical research

Aligning all research and clinical trial needs for remote client access

The LifeLab managed clinical research trial platform combined with mobile phones (IOS and Android), optional wearable devices and dried blood spot will enable high quality patient care. Our operating model reinvents the clinical trial process by connecting patients, care providers, clinical investigators and research sponsors towards the same goal – faster research & clinical trials for the introduction of new therapies sooner.

From the first steps of trial design, to connecting with patients at home, LIFELAB is there to help. Contact us to learn more.

Health Individuals Baseline Data

Not sick-care but health-care. Collect a baseline dataset for healthy individuals

Health Individuals Baseline Data

We are working on a number of new research Trial additions, stay tuned for more news.

Software Components

Software to provide administration, logistic and client services are available

Visual Memory Test

Remember an increasingly large board of squares


The Stroop effect is a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task.

Reaction Time

Test visual reflexes

Number Memory

Remember the longest number you can.

Wearable data

Studies show many people abandon activity trackers because charging them is a hassle. That’s why our wearable work on a simple button cell that lasts up to 8 months. No cord, no need to recharge = no stopping you. And its waterproof to 150feet.

Daily Activity

Daily activity data such as intensity and duration is collected. Walk, run, swim & sleep: the wearable recognizes and tracks it all, automatically. The only thing you need to do? Wear it.

Sleep Data

How much and how well you sleep is crucial to your health. You go to bed; the wearable goes to work. Then you wake up to a comprehensive sleep cycle analysis that can help you know how to have better nights

Blood Spot Data

Advantages of DBS sampling include minimal volume requirements (approximately 30 – 100 µL per spot), ease of sample attainment by finger with minimal training required, ease of transport and sample stability. Once dried, the sample is stable for months to years

The multiple superior traits have made DBS a common sampling method for gene screening and long-term genetic sample bio-banking. Within the last few years, DBS sampling has been used for clinical and pre-clinical pharmacokinetic studies, taking advantage of smaller sampling needs and simplified sample collection and handling.